How and Why Some Hospitals are Helping Patients Learn to Manage Stress

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities today are doing everything possible to help their patients live healthier, more rewarding lives. Beyond providing the direct medical care that some patients inevitably need, they are looking for ways to make healthful living more of a priority in general.

Of the many ways by which individuals can dampen their own health prospects, subjecting the mind and body to too much stress is one of the most dangerous. Stress has a way of doing damage of many different kinds, from raising blood pressure and cholesterol levels to degrading mental health.

As those who check this out will see, one highly regarded hospital is committed to doing something about the problem. By offering weekly training sessions that help patients learn how to cope with stress, Lahey Health is trying to make a difference.

Stress is More Manageable Than Many Believe

Quite a few people who struggle with stress assume that it simply must be accepted and dealt with as best as possible. That attitude might seem like a practical and responsible one to some, but it rests on a potentially harmful misconception.

In fact, there are effective ways of lessening regular stress and even of reducing the impact of acutely stressful events. People who take a proactive approach to reducing stress can better not just their overall mental condition, but their indicators of physical health, as well.

Mindfulness and Positive Coping Make a Difference

One key to defusing the harm that stress can cause is simply to become more aware of its progression. Stress often builds up from relatively innocuous sources and origins, gathering momentum all the way.

People who learn how to recognize how stress accumulates in their own minds tend to become thereby much more capable of managing. Simply identifying how stress evolves and grows is one effective means of controlling it.

There are other techniques that can be every bit as valuable, too. Stress management experts who lead programs like the one at Lahey Health, for instance, emphasize how learning how to put a positive spin on negative seeming situations can help. With many hospitals now helping their patients achieve these kinds of results, health related benefits are likely to follow.